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Storymasters 2

Storymasters 2

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Part of the Storymasters series that reprints works by Filipino writers from 1900 to 1941 now in the public domain, Storymasters 2 is a curated collection of short stories from Filipino writers Amador T. Daguio, Sinai C. Hamada, and A.E. Litiatco, including some of their works that were originally published in Philippine Magazine, Tribune, and This Week.

Amador T. Daguio (1912-1966) was a prolific writer and academic, known for his stories written during the 1930s and 1940s, and his involvement in the resistance movement during the Japanese Occupation. Sinai C. Hamada (1912-1991) was a lawyer and newspaper editor based in Baguio. A.E. Litiatco (1908-1943) was a versatile writer who excelled in various literary forms, particularly known for his expertise in essay writing.

Alberto S. Florentino and Cacho Hermanos, Inc., Philippines

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Softcover / 8.58 x 5.59 inches / pages / BW


One copy only. Previously owned, with foxing stains on pages, otherwise good condition.

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