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Louie Cordero: Golden Rule

Louie Cordero: Golden Rule

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A catalog of Louie Cordero's solo exhibition 'Golden Rule: Non-Traditional Thai Painting' held at the Bangkok University Gallery in 2015. The exhibition features a series of large-scale paintings produced by the artist during his residency in Bangkok. "During a span of two weeks, Cordero continually found himself rummaging through the new city’s temples, kitsch shops, medical corpse museums, monuments, and other cultural curiosities. While exploring, he came to realize that it reflected the same habit he had back in Manila when finding inspiration for his work: to immerse oneself into what he calls “the belly of the beast,” which for him, meant the essence of the city, the true reflection of a city’s nature derived not from its majestic urbanity, but from its more outdated oddities." (Excerpt from the essay by Cocoy Lumbao)

Bangkok University Gallery, Thailand

Publication Date:

Softcover / 9 x 7.25 inches / 35 pages / Color

Thai, English


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