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Les Chiens Andalous

Les Chiens Andalous

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A catalog of an exhibition of paintings and works on paper curated by Manuel Ocampo and featuring work by Ocampo and three Spanish contemporary artists: Patricio Cabrera, Chema Cobo, and Curro Gonzalez. Of the many artists that the Philippine-born Ocampo met during his sojourn in Seville, the three he has included in this exhibition, Cabrera, Cobo, and Gonzalez inspired his deepest admiration.

Les Chiens Andalous combines the works of the four artists whose visions are fortified with historical and political awareness, yet tinged with what Manuel Ocampo calls Spanish surrealism twisted logic. Citing the Luis Buuel film from which the exhibition takes its name, he points out: "What the movie is notorious for is the scene depicting what some consider the most violent act committed against the eye in film history. I hope the works included in this show attack the visual senses in a similarly positive and liberating way." Includes an introduction by Manuel Ocampo and essay by Kevin Power.

Smart Art Press, USA

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Softcover / 84 pages


ISBN: 1-889195-47-2

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