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Hanna Pettyjohn 2013-2015

Hanna Pettyjohn 2013-2015

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A catalog of Hanna Pettyjohn's works from 2013 to 2015, which includes her five solo exhibitions in Singapore, Manila and Taipei. Pettyjohn (b. 1983) is a young artist known for her portraits and paintings of landscape and still life, as well as installations that convey feelings of anxiety, alienation and uprootedness. This book "represents her development during a three-year period, in which she has gradually shifted from the dialog between people and objects to focusing on objects alone to symbolize people's identity, migration, diaspora, and imagination behind the objects." 

Mind Set Art Center, Taiwan

Publication Date:

Softcover / 10.25 x 7.5 inches / 63 pages / Color

English, Chinese

ISBN: 978-986-91318-5-8

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