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Ninotchka Rosca: Stories of a Bitter Country

Ninotchka Rosca: Stories of a Bitter Country

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This book gathers all the published short stories of Ninotchka Rosca: "Bitter Country," "Children of the War," "The Southern Seas," "A Parable of Evil," "The Seventh Circle," "The Neighborhood," "Our Apostle Paul," "The Epiphany of Teban the Terror," "The Goddess," "Words of Wisdom," "The Rings of Saturn," "The Girl Who Died Dancing the Boogie," "Generations," "Earthquake Weather," "Sugar and Salt," "Epidemic," "A Woman of the Philippines," "Implosion," "A Very Small Country," and "Winter Butterfly".

Other books by the author include Bitter Country and Other Stories (1970), The Monsoon Collection (1983), Endgame: The Fall of Marcos (1987), State of War (1988), Twice Blessed (1992), Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World— Portrait of a Revolutionary, coauthored with Jose Maria Sison (2004), Sugar & Salt (2006), Gang of Five (2013).

Ninotchka Rosca (1946) is a Filipina feminist, author, journalist, and human rights activist. 

Anvil Publishing Inc., Philippines

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Softcover / 8 x 5 inches / 293 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-971-27-3519-6

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