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Alunsina's Wrist

Alunsina's Wrist

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In this poetry collection by Kristine Domingo, language comes alive in a mesmerizing dance of intimacy and mystery. Each verse carries a sense of urgency and sincerity, her words flowing forth with precision and purpose, much like arrows guided by an unseen force.

Domingo’s mastery of language creates a unique experience for readers, as her poems refuse to be confined to traditional forms. Instead, they spin and evolve, offering an elusiveness that captivates and resonates. These poems explore themes of God, true love, and desire’s unyielding codes, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the depth of human experience.

Kristine Domingo’s poems have appeared in The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction, Amnesty International’s Barbed Wire Alphabet, Philippines Free Press, Mirror Weekly Magazine, Windows, Sitting Amok, High Chair Online Poetry Journal, and Budhi.

Kristine Domingo & High Chair, Philippines

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Softcover / 5.75 x 7.99 inches / 57 pages / BW


ISBN: 971-92780-4-8

One copy only. Previously owned, otherwise in good condition.

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