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25 Years of Shell Art: Shell National Students Art Competition

25 Years of Shell Art: Shell National Students Art Competition

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25 Years of Shell Art traces the evolution and impact of this prestigious competition, capturing its journey from the late 1950s after World War II to its revival in the 1980s. It explores the immense influence it had on shaping the Philippine contemporary art scene and motivating aspiring artists to pursue their creative careers.

Edited by Ma. Victoria C. Medina, the book goes beyond a mere listing of winners and their artworks. Delving into the minds and emotions of young Filipino artists, it encapsulates the spirit of the times through their winning creations, inviting readers to read between the lines and explore the profound connection between art and life. With each turn of the page, readers are immersed in a visual feast of large, awe-inspiring creations that reflect the diverse perspectives and stories of these talented individuals.

From the historical context to the representative schools of winners, the book not only celebrates the resilience and artistry of the Filipino youth but also highlights the enduring support and commitment of Shell in nurturing artistic talent and bringing art to the broader Filipino community.

Shell Companies in the Philippines, Philippines

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Softcover / 5.35 x 15.35 inches / 140 pages / Color


One copy only. Previously owned, with foxing stains on page edges, otherwise good condition. Signed by some of the participating artists.