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Writing: Cabin Fever

Writing: Cabin Fever

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Writing: Cabin Fever is a collection of short stories by five international artists, published and co-curated by Launch Pad founder, Sarah Elson and artist, Heman Chong. Writing: Cabin Fever is the result of an innovative 24-hour writing workshop that took place in July 2016 at Elson’s London residence. The participating artists were Heman Chong (Singapore), who led the workshop, Travis Jeppesen (Berlin), Isabel Nolan (Dublin), Benjamin Seror (Paris), and Maria Taniguchi (Manila). Known best for their visual art practices, all of the artists create work in which text and storytelling play a role. During the 24 hours, the artists generated narrative raw material and shared experience that formed a basis for the stories that each of them wrote subsequently for the book.

Launch Pad, UK

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Hardcover / 8 x 5.5 inches / 82 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-0-9956863-0-4