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Twenty Years In The Philippines

Twenty Years In The Philippines

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Translated from French, this memoir of Paul P. de La Gironière follows his journey from his hometown in Nantes, France to the lush landscapes of Rizal Province in the Philippines. Covering the years from 1819 to 1839, this book offers a unique window into the cultural and historical landscape of the Philippines during the author’s time.

As Gironière settled in the country, he established the Jala Jala hacienda and immersed himself in various ventures including hog-raising and the cultivation of coffee, indigo, and sugarcane. He recounts his journeys, adventures, and encounters in and out of the Philippines. He vividly describes his experiences, such as an interview with a bandit chief, buffalo hunting expeditions, and customs of different indigenous groups like the Tinguians. His memoir also touches on personal matters like the birth of his son, the death of his wife, and his remarriage.

Beyond the personal accounts, the book includes valuable statistical information about the Philippine Islands, covering agricultural products like rice, tobacco, abaca, and coffee, as well as descriptions of various agricultural implements used in the region. 

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Publication Date:
Original printing, 1854
Reprint by Filipiniana Book Guild, 1962
Reprint by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc., 1984

Hardcover / 6.22 x 9.25 inches / 371 pages / BW


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