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The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista

The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista

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A monograph on the life and works of Glenn Bautista (1947-2014), a Filipino artist known for his work in various media. Alice Guillermo, author of the book, wrote, "Total and spontaneous creativity is the principle that moves Glenn Bautista, wide-ranging artist who resist tested formulas and whose prodigious work in diverse media, two-and-three-dimensional, builds a universe of striking, haunting images that continually tease and challenge the mind. If landscapes, his paintings do not have the placidity and finality of familiar land-and-sky vistas but have the uncommon quality of concealing and revealing at the same time. If abstracts, his work, never facile, pose riddles and enigmas that resist categorical answers. If three-dimensional works, they defy conventional expectations in order to extend the meaning and experience of sculpture."

Ernesto Salas, Philippines

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Hardcover / 12 x 9.5 inches / 172 pages / Color


ISBN: 971-91795-0-3

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