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The Philippine Art Scene

The Philippine Art Scene

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The Philippine Art Scene by Manuel D. Duldulao is one of the first coffee-table books on the subject, providing an overview of the people who make up the lively Philippine art community: the artists, critics, dealers & gallerists, and collectors.

"It shows you how the artists live, how they work, and what they have to do to gain attention. It measures the influence of the critic and how his views determine the artist's status in the art hierarchy. It unlocks the secrets of galleries and dealers and reveals how prices are driven up and why art has become a major art investment for the affluent. It also gives the reader a rare opportunity to visit the homes of thirty leading collectors and get an intimate look at the individual ways they have chosen to make art an integral part of their way of life."

Maber Books, Philippines

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Hardcover / 11.25 x 10.25 inches / 311 pages / BW, Color


One copy only. Previously owned. Missing dust jacket and worn edges, otherwise good condition.