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The Nation as Project

The Nation as Project

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Written primarily for Filipino students and teachers, The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Jose Rizal's Life and Works by Paul Arvisu Dumol and Clement C. Camposano is an attempt to situate Rizal in the 19th c. colonial context in order to allow readers to encounter Filipino nationalism as an artifact of the historical process. This detailed and interrogatory reading of Rizal explores how such a complex figure emerged from the changes defining the Philippines, Spain, and Europe in the 19th c., even as Rizal himself would play a key role in shaping the events of that period. Each chapter of the book features a timeline of key events, the main text, marginal notes, activities, and questions designed to enrich classroom instruction and interaction.

Vibal Group, Philippines

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Softcover / 10.5 x 8.25 inches / 208 pages / BW, Color


ISBN: 978-971-07-4232-5