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Signals: August 1964 - March 1966

Signals: August 1964 - March 1966

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First published between 1964 and 1966, Signals was an international forum for European, Latin, Central and South American artists. Edited by David Medalla, this journal documented exhibitions at the Signals showroom in London, and also included poems, critical essays, scientific digests, images, photographs and experimental art news. Documenting vital exhibitions and events in Britain and abroad, Signals brought together leading innovative artists, writers and poets of the time and, in addition, establishes a context for kinetic, time-based, performance and environmental art. This special facsimile edition comprises volumes one and two and comes complete with a comprehensive index.

Institute of International Visual Arts, United Kingdom

Publication Date:

Hardcover Slipcase / 14.3 x 11.4 inches / 10 journals / 164 pages


ISBN: 1-899846-01-8