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Rick Rocamora: Long Road to Dignity

Rick Rocamora: Long Road to Dignity

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Long Road to Dignity by US-based Filipino photographer Rick Rocamora seeks to highlight the struggles of Filipino WWII soldiers. For 18 years, Rocamora documented the lives of the Filipino soldiers who fought side by side with the American troops while for the passage of the Equity Bill, which would have repealed the discriminatory provisions of the Rescission Act of 1946. Despite years of lobbying by supporters of the veterans, the Equity Bill never became law.  

This book was published to accompany the online exhibition, 'Long Road to Dignity' by Rick Rocamora, organized by the Filipinas Heritage Library of the Ayala Museum. 

Signed by Rick Rocamora.

Rick Rocamora, USA

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Hardcover / 7.25 x 5.25 inches / Unpaged / BW


ISBN: 978-621-95175-6-0