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Pacita Abad: Wayang, Irian and Sumba

Pacita Abad: Wayang, Irian and Sumba

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The catalogue of Wayang, Irian and Sumba, Pacita Abad’s first exhibition in Indonesia held at Museum Nasional in 1994. The featured works are the result of her fascination with the wayang (Indonesia’s traditional drama) and traditional art forms of Java, Irian Jaya and Sumba island from her 5-year residency in Indonesia. It also includes paintings done in Papua New Guinea.

Abad’s statement about the exhibition, her biography up to 1994, and a text from art critic Jim Supangkat are also included in this publication.

Pacita Abad & Museum Nasional, Indonesia

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Hardcover in a box / 5.60 x 7.65 inches / 92 pages / Color


Two copies only. Previously owned, has foxing stains on page edges, otherwise good condition.