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More Cebuano Than We Admit

More Cebuano Than We Admit

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In More Cebuano Than We Admit, fourteen scholars, mostly Cebuanos, delve into the history, language, religious practices, architecture, writing, art, food, and more, that give Cebu its distinctive character: from religious festivals and carnival pageantry, to the enduring majesty of church architecture, to the development of the local tourism industry and film industry, and even to the crowd-pleasing Cebuano version of that iconic Filipino dish, lechon. The book also features a selection of contemporary Cebuano poetry, providing a taste of how Cebu’s literature thrives to this day.

Edited by acclaimed Cebuanos—historian Resil Mojares and writer Hope Sabanpan-Yu—this anthology seeks to bring to light the ways in which Cebuano culture has left its indelible mark on the complex map of Philippine identity.


Vibal Foundation, Philippines 

Publication Date:

Softcover / 8.82 x 5.94 inches / 332 pages / Color 

English, Spanish, Cebuano 

ISBN: 978-971-97-0810-0