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Lungsod Iskwater (HB)

Lungsod Iskwater (HB)

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Lungsod Iskwater: The Evolution of Informality as a Dominant Pattern in Philippine Cities focuses on the most sustainable urban form in history – the informal settlement. Despite its enduring presence over time and across cultures, the urban and architectural elements of the squatter settlement are among the least studied and understood. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the relationship between built form and open space within selected informal settlements in Metro Manila, and correlates specific cultural, socio-economic, political, and environmental factors, which may be decoded only when understood within certain cultural and historical contexts. Includes essays by Paulo Alcazaren, Luis Ferrer, and Benvenuto Icamina, and photographs by Neal Oshima.

Anvil Publishing, Philippines

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Hardcover / 12.25 x 9.25 inches / 252 pages / BW, some col.


ISBN: 978-971-27-2495-4