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Kayamanan: Pottery and Ceramics from the Arturo de Santos Collection

Kayamanan: Pottery and Ceramics from the Arturo de Santos Collection

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Part of the Kayamanan series, this volume showcases the collection of pottery and ceramics of Arturo de Santos, curated by Jesus T. Peralta into five sections: Philippine pottery, Chinese ceramics, Annamese ceramics, Siamese pottery, and special pieces. This archaeological treasure trove is a glimpse into centuries of trade and international relations across Asia.

As Jaime C. Laya wrote in the foreword, “The collection of Dr. Arturo de Santos has never been published and it is with his kind permission that some most treasured pieces are now being shared. The fortunate few who have seen the collection look back on it as an Alladin’s Cave, dark rooms with brightly lit cabinets and shelves glittering with the colors of precious stones and metals in its pottery and ceramics, Sevres and Meissen, Gainsboroughs and El Grecos, excavated jewelry, ivories, Ming furniture, jades and other precious things.”

The collector, Arturo de Santos, is a medical doctor by profession who discovered an unyielding passion for art and antiquities. The author, Dr. Jesus T. Peralta, is a distinguished scholar in anthropology and prehistory.

Central Bank of the Philippines, Philippines

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Hardcover / 9.17 x 12.24 inches / 208 pages / Color


One copy only. Previously owned, with damage on the front cover and jacket, otherwise the pages are in good condition.