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(In)Visible Resistance

(In)Visible Resistance

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This postcard is part of an 18-piece set created by Angel Velasco Shaw for Markets of Resistance, a multi-disciplinary art and cultural project for the Institute for Heritage, Culture and the Arts at Philippine Women's University (PWU), and a collaboration between the institute and Ax(is) Art Project.

Components of the project include formal and informal classroom sessions, cultural immersion trips to Baguio City, Bontoc and Sagada, student presentations, artists talks, studio visits, spoken-word, citywide walking tours, film screenings, and barter exhibitions held at the Baguio public market and at PWU in Manila.  

Cultural and social issues explored include: appropriation of western practices, the impact of local/global tourism and how Filipino traditional markets may or may not represent convenient and/or exotic consumption for some, while remaining an oppositional tradition for others, and the effects of globalization on indigenous and non-indigenous peoples who co-inhabit a place.