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Dominador Castaneda

Dominador Castaneda

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An accompanying catalog of the retrospective exhibition of the works of Dominador Castaneda (1904-1967) at Solidaridad Galleries in 1971. Negotiating his own artistic vision in between the conservatism of Fernando Amorsolo and the modernism of Victorio Edades, Castaneda became known for his gestural watercolors and drawings, mostly of figures, landscapes and scenes of Manila during the postwar years. An art historian as well, Castaneda also wrote the book 'Art in the Philippines' in 1964.

This catalog includes a list of over 100 works by Castaneda which were selected by Jose Joya for the exhibition and an introduction by Rod Paras-Perez.

Solidaridad Galleries in cooperation with President's Council on the Arts, University of the Philippines

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Softcover / 8 x 8 inches / 39 pages / BW