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Destination: SEA 2050 A.D.

Destination: SEA 2050 A.D.

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Edited by Tilde Acuna, Anthony G. Mendoza III & Kristine Ong Muslim, Destination: SEA 2050 A.D. is the first Southeast Asian fiction anthology that imagines-based on scientific projections-the world in the year 2050, the same year when 90 percent of the planet’s coral reefs are expected to decline, when plastic is found inside 99 percent of all the world’s seabirds, when there is severe water shortage in Asia, when growth in the world’s populations stops, and when the elderly outnumber children in most places on Earth.

Short stories and graphic narratives from a veritable literary supergroup from all over Southeast Asia and with each story painstakingly annotated, paint a vivid, often disquieting but at times hopeful, vision of an environmental futurist spread. Destination: SEA 2050 A.D. is a travel through time and into the heartland of the global conversation on the final stages of the sixth extinction.

Penguin Random House SEA, Singapore

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Softcover / 9.13 x 6 inches / 208 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-981-501-777-9