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Dear Meg: Advice on life, love and the struggle

Dear Meg: Advice on life, love and the struggle

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This book is a collection of advice columns written by a psychologist and fellow activist named “Meg,” and published under the title Dear Meg: in progressive new magazine Pinoy Weekly (dot org) and in a Facebook Page bearing the column’s name.

Lisa Ito adds, "Written across the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic and a particularly dark plot twist in Philippine history, Dear Meg is a precious resource for our troubled times. The book is a compilation, and celebration, of how fellow creative, activists, and Filipinos can navigate the anxieties, weight, and trauma of crisis. Dear Meg is a concrete proof of how we should all cherish the power of psychology, culture, and art in working for a truly emancipatory society."

Gantala Press, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 5.25 x 7.80 inches / 196 pages / BW

English, Filipino

ISBN: 978-621-96513-7-0

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