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Campaigns of Knowledge

Campaigns of Knowledge

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Campaigns of Knowledge: U.S. Pedagogies of Colonialism and Occupation in the Philippines and Japan by Malini Johar Schueller looks into the educational transformation by the early 20th-century American empire. Particularly, she examines the inception of a new schooling system in the Philippines in 1898 and subsequent educational reforms during the occupation of Japan.

Schueller’s exploration unearths the nuances of racial management and cultural adaptation as the Philippines and Japan grappled with the influences of American education. The author contrasts how Filipinos were deemed in need of education and civilization, while the Japanese were subjected to reeducation and de-civilization.

Through meticulous analysis, Schueller untangles the intricacies of this educational shift, revealing how America’s aspirations of being a benevolent savior were intertwined with politics, violence, and a quest for cultural dominance. 

Malini Johar Schueller is a Professor of English at the University of Florida. She authored multiple books on postcolonialism studies such as Locating Race: Global Sites of Post-Colonial Citizenship, U.S. Orientalisms: Race, Nation, and Gender in Literature, 1790-1890, and The Politics of Voice: Liberalism and Social Criticism from Franklin to Kingston.

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

Publication Date:
Philippine edition, 2021
Temple University–Of The Commonwealth System of Higher Education, 2019

Softcover / 9 x 5.90 inches / 293 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-621-448-11613