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Botika Bituka

Botika Bituka

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A limited edition book based on Cesar Hernando's first experimental short film Botika Bituka. Produced in 1987, the film uses archival images documenting the state-sanctioned violence and murder during the administration of Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th president of the Philippines who governed from 1965 to 1986. Based on a local tongue twister that plays with the Filipino words “botika” and “bituka” (“drugstore” and “intestines”), the film juxtaposes footage of drugstores and street food around metropolitan areas in the country’s capital region, with more explicit imagery of the times, including the severed head of Tullio Favali, an Italian priest executed in Northern Cotabato by paramilitary forces. Using Super8 film, it employs a process called “pixellation,” or shooting by only exposing a single frame at a time.  

123 Pioneer Studios Inc, Philippines

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Softcover / 4.50 x 2 inches / 672 pages / Color


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