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This monograph celebrates the artistic legacy of Filipino painter  Jose V. Blanco (1932 - 2008), who excelled in “folk realism” or the Philippine genre style of painting. Written by Alice Guillermo, the book provides readers with a comprehensive journey through his life and work, accompanied by images that showcase the evolution of his artistic style.

Blanco’s art resonates with the essence of the fishing village of Angono, portraying the lives, joys, struggles, traditions, and legends of the Filipino people. While rooted in Angono, Blanco’s artistic exploration extends to the north and south regions of the country, reflecting an authentic and profound understanding of genre subjects.

The artistic heritage of Angono, dating back to the nineteenth-century masters of religious images, finds its continuation in Blanco and his talented progeny—his five sons and two daughters—who bring a fresh perspective to their artistic endeavors. Through his paintings, Blanco offers a profound portrayal of Filipino identity, both in the realm of folk traditions and contemporary artistry.

Menardo R. Jimenez and Felipe Y. Liao, Philippines

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Hardcover / 11.26 x 10.19 inches / 312 pages / Color


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