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A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore

A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore

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Referencia Moderna's Visual Guide Series is a collection of brilliantly illustrated reference books for young readers. With fun facts, trivia, and images, these new reference titles will help nurture the children's love for the country, their cultural identity, and their love for reading.

A Visual Guide to Philippine Folklore includes the following chapters:

  • The Powerful Ones: Gods and Goddesses 
  • The Engkanto and More: The Mysterious World of Spirits, Magical Beings, and Monstrous Creatures
  • Folk Epics: Extraordinary Adventures of Mythical Superheroes 
  • The Tricksters: Foolish or Clever?
  • Riddles and Proverbs: Timeless Gems 
  • Kararua, Gabâ, Pamahiin: Delving into Some Soul
  • Beliefs and Superstitions 
  • From Babaylan to Hilot: Weaving Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine
  • Anting-anting: Unlocking a Sacred Source of Power and Protection 
  • From Maganda to Aswang: Women and LGBTQ in Philippine Folklore
  • Ever Wonder Why (or How)? Some Etiological Narratives and Legendary Figures
  • On Sacred Grounds: Discovering Mystical Sites and Power Spots
  • Laro Tayo!: Going Out Today to Recite Silly Chants and Play
  • Awit and Sayaw: Expressions of the Filipino Soul
  • Urban Legends: Lore of the New Times 

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Vibal Foundation, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 10.5 x 8.25 inches / 281 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-971-07-6101-2

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