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White Love and Other Events in Filipino History

White Love and Other Events in Filipino History

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In this book, Vicente L. Rafael examines the cultural and political history of the Philippines from the onset of U.S. colonialism in 1898 to the emergence of the Philippine diaspora in the 1990s. It offers a view of nationalism as an unstable production, as Rafael reveals how, under what circumstances, and with what effects the concept of the nation has been produced and deployed in the Philippines. With a focus on the contradictions and ironies that suffuse Filipino history, Rafael delineates the multiple ways that colonialism has both inhabited and enabled the nationalist discourse of the present.

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

Publication Date:
First printing, 2000
Second printing, 2008

Softcover / 9 x 5.75 inches / 286 pages / BW


ISBN: 971-550-356-X

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