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Tribal Kitchen: The Aytas

Tribal Kitchen: The Aytas

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Containing 30,000 year-old recipes, remedies and jungle survival tips, 'Tribal Kitchen: The Aytas' is an accompanying publication of the film 'Lupang' by Carlos Casas, Lobregat Balaguer, and Stefan Kruse Jørgensen, which documents the condition of the Aytas, over 20 years after the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

Their collective goal was to understand how assimilation to contemporary culture has impacted the tribe’s sense of identity and to search for ways of life that had grown after the eruption. The result is an unusual film about a volcano and a tribe, disaster and survival, ancient rituals and karaoke, and the equally uncomfortable sensations of remembering and knowing too much or too little.

Hardworking, Goodlooking / The Office of Culture and Design, Philippines

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Softcover / 5.6 x 8 inches / 223 pages / BW


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