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Thirteen Artists Awards 2000

Thirteen Artists Awards 2000

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The Thirteen Artists Awards began as a curatorial project of the Cultural Center of the Philippines under the direction of its first curator Roberto Chabet in 1970. Chabet made a critical connection between the Thirteen Artists and the Philippine Modernists. Both generations were viewed to have sought in their time the chance and risk to 'restructure, restrengthen and renew art making and art thinking...that lend viability to Philippine art."

The recipients of the 2000 Thirteen Artists Awards are Ronald Achacoso, Juan Alcazaren, Sari Dalena, Alfredo Esquillo Jr., Karen Flores, Emmanuel Garibay, Leo Gerardo Leonardo, Neil Manalo, Bernardo Pacquing, Claro Ramirez Jr., John Frank Sabado, Jose Santos III, and Katti Sta. Ana.

Cultural Center of the Philippines

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