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The Philippines: The Continuing Past

The Philippines: The Continuing Past

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In The Philippines: The Continuing Past, Filipino historian Renato Constantino and his wife and intellectual collaborator, Letizia Roxas Constantino, present a relevant examination of the neocolonial experience, offering readers a fresh perspective on Philippine history.

A sequel to their earlier book, A Past Revisited, this volume reveals the persistence of colonial relations in the Philippines, shedding light on how Spanish and American colonialists have manipulated events and policies for their own interests. By subjecting events, personalities, and deeply ingrained beliefs to stringent analysis from the people’s viewpoint, this work provides a deeper understanding of the forces that shape contemporary society and calls for new historic initiatives towards final liberation. 

The Continuing Past is not the sort of book that would gather dust in some musty bookshelf. It does not reek of historical arcana nor is it a mystical rendering of a people’s supposed destiny. It is written with the crispness and immediacy of a newspaper expose and like its predecessor, A Past Revisited, it is a relevant and significant work which analyzes past events from a nationalist standpoint.” – Sheila Coronel, The Philippine Collegian, August 30, 1978

The Foundation for Nationalist Studies, Philippines

Publication Date:
First printing, 1978
Second printing, 1979
Third printing, 1982

Softcover / 8.66 x 5.83 inches / 410 pages / BW


One copy only. Previously owned, with darkened pages, otherwise good condition.