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The Maps of Camarines

The Maps of Camarines

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Set in a fictional province in the Philippines, The Maps of Camarines by Maryanne Moll tells the story of the Arguelleses, the Visbales, and the Monsantillos - and their eventual downfall.

The three families are members of powerful, wealthy haciendero clans that have long stood uncontested by those in their midst. But beneath the gleam and glitter of their lives lie age-old secrets that speak of deceit, greed, and corruption. Sins amassed over generations will come to a head, calamities and death will wreak havoc on the land, transgressors will face vengeance-and so the cycle goes on. The Maps of Camarines is a chronicle of the forces that have and continue to assail Philippine society today, as well as the consequences if they are left to fester in the time to come.

Penguin Random House, SEA, Singapore

Publication Date:

Softcover / 8.5 x 5 inches / 214 pages / BW


ISBN: 9789815058901

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