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The Manila Review No. 6

The Manila Review No. 6

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The Manila Review (MR) is a quarterly non-profit publication that aims to map the ideas that shape public discussion in the Philippines. Through review essays of recent and outstanding works of nonfiction and fiction, film, and art, it serves as a living record of changes in politics, the humanities, the sciences, and their intersections.

In Issue No. 6, Edward Basse reflects on the Philippines’ connections to Mexico; Lisandro Claudio points out the difficulties in the national narrative arising from the country’s uniquely absurd position in the post-colonial world; Vinny Tagle uncovers the fetishization projected of rural life; and Julie Nebrija explains why she refuses to give up on old Manila. Other contributors include David Garcia, Antonio G. M. La Vina, Sylvia Estrada Claudio, Pio Abad & Maria Taniguchi, and Kristian Henson.

The Manila Review, Philippines

Publication Date:
May 2015

Softcover / 11.25 x 9.25 inches / 38 pages


ISSN: 2423-3099