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The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo

The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo

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A monograph on Damian Domingo from the ArteFilipino series published by Vibal Foundation. An era-defining artist known mainly for his delightful costume albums and brilliant religion paintings, Damián Domingo (1796 - 1834) was the first Filipino master of the portrait, as well as a pioneering art teacher and director of the first Philippine art academy. Significant new data uncovered over the past two decades — including rediscovered portraits and the artist’s last will and testament — paint a clearer picture of Domingo’s life and times, and allow new insight into the artist’s mind as imaged in his works. Authored by Luciano P.R. Santiago, this book is the first in-depth biography of a Filipino master who came before Luna and Hidalgo.

Vibal Foundation, Philippines

Publication Date:

Hardcover / 11/25 x 9 inches / 215 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-971-0538-13-3

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