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The Cry of Balintawak

The Cry of Balintawak

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For nearly a century, the Cry of Balintawak - a major turning point in Philippine history - has been the subject of controversy with conflicting accounts of when and where it actually took place. Previously the official stance was that the cry happened in Balintawak, Caloocan on August 26 but in 1963, the Philippine government declared that it happened on August 23 in Pugad Lawin, Quezon City. This book by Soledad Borromeo-Buehler reconstructs the events that happened in August 1896 - when the Katipuneros, led by Andres Bonifacio, assembled and initiated the start of the Philippine Revolution against Spain. The author demonstrates that the 'Cry of Pugad Lawin' is a hoax through rigorous analysis of eyewitness accounts and contemporary documents, most of which have been translated into English and included in the book for reference. 

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

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Softcover / 9 x 6 inches / 221 pages / BW


ISBN: 971-550-278-4

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