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Sa Aking Henerasyon

Sa Aking Henerasyon

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Sa Aking Henerasyon: Mga Tula at Saling-Tula is a poetry compilation of revolutionary poet Kerima Lorena Tariman which includes three published collections, other poems, and her translations of poems from other writers and a few of her own. This maps her works since high school to college until her perilous journey as an activist before she met her untimely death in 2021. Her words as a writer and efforts as a rebel intertwine, both becoming her peaceful but powerful attempts for liberation.

A student of the University of the Philippines and former editor of the Philippine Collegian, Tariman was an accomplished writer and a recipient of the Gawad Amado Hernandez prize. Her last anthology, Pag-aaral sa Oras: Mga Lumang Tula Tenggol sa Bago was named by CNN Philippines as one of the top books of 2017.

Gantala Press, Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 9 x 6 inches / 390 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-621-96513-5-6

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