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Pitong Pilipino sa Septa Bienal

Pitong Pilipino sa Septa Bienal

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An accompanying publication of the exhibition of seven Filipino artists at the Septa Bienal de Havana in Cuba in 2000: Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Sid Gomez Hildawa, Impy Pilapil, Jose Tence Ruiz, Auraeus Solito, and Junyee. 

Described as "the developing world's riposte to the prestigious international art congregations such as the Venice Biennial, the Sao Paolo Biennial and other grand expositions," the Havana Biennial is a mission to de-center the artworld and cultural legitimacy" and "an assertion of the feasibility of serious cultural exchange between post-colonial and emergent economy states." 

This catalog includes an introduction by Jose Tence Ruiz, artists' profiles and statements, and a list of Filipino artists who have participated in the Havana Biennial throughout the years. 

Design for Industry, Philippines

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Softcover / 10.75 x 5.5 inches / 16 pages / BW

English, Filipino

One copy only. Previously owned, good condition.