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Philippine Slang and Gay Dictionary

Philippine Slang and Gay Dictionary

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 Have you heard the word mahogany used to describe something other than a variant of wood? You would be surprised to know that the word mahogany, according to the Philippine Slang and Gay Dictionary, is also a term used to mean foul smelling or, in Filipino, mabaho. For example, if you were calling out a friend about their bad odor, you would say, “Dex, ang mahogany mo na. Hindi masamang maligo, pare.” The book offers the reader a 2,000-word lexicon that can be referred to when familiarizing the self with contemporary jargon, providing insight into how the language has evolved. 

Contributors John Iremil Teodoro, Christopher dela Cruz, Ojo Gonzales, and Randiva Datinguinoo state, “We will not apologize for using these words to widen the vocabulary of our readers so that they will not be confused, have to guess, or look stupid when they go out into the streets and interact with different social groups such as young people, sosyal(affluent), jologs (uncool), beki (gays), and iskwakwa (squatters),” to create a more inclusive and diverse community.


Vibal Foundation, Philippines

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Softcover / 9.00 x 6.00 inches / 194 pages / BW


ISBN: 978-971-07-5670-4