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Philippine Art Now

Philippine Art Now

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Philippine Art Now by Manuel D. Duldulao surveys the history of Philippine art from the 19th century until the early 2000s. He begins his narrative from the early achievements of Luna and Hidalgo in Europe, to the national style of de la Rosa and Amorsolo, and the breakthroughs of Edades and the first modernists, in order to provide context for the divergent styles and trends of the postmodernists. He also covers the new regional centers, from Baguio to Davao, women artists, and Filipino artists in diaspora, which have emerged beginning in the 1980s. In addition, he also discusses the surge in interest in Philippine art with museums, galleries, and auction houses across the country and in the region drawing unprecedented crowds and record-breaking prices, not just for the works of Filipino 'old masters' but for contemporary artists as well.

Unang Letra Publishing Inc., Philippines

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Hardcover / 12.25 x 9.25 inches / 463 pages / Color


One copy only. Previously owned, good condition.

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