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Pangasinan, 1572-1800

Pangasinan, 1572-1800

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In this book, Rosario Mendoza Cortes delves into the past of Pangasinan province between 1572 when the Spaniards started colonizing the province and the close of the 18th century when uprisings occurred in the area. This historical research concentrates on how the Pangasinenses lived during the period and how their lives were affected by the imposition of Spanish rule.

One of the more stimulating portions of the book deals with local revolts, particularly the Malong revolt of 1660-61 and the Palaris revolt of 1762-64, which dramatize the response of the Pangasinenses to oppression.

New Day Publishers, Philippines

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Softcover / 8.70 x 5.70 inches / 276 pages / BW


ISBN: 971-10-0669-3

One copy only. Previously owned, with some crinkling on the spine, otherwise good condition.