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PagTuhan: The Tausug Spiritual Tradition

PagTuhan: The Tausug Spiritual Tradition

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In this book, Islamic Studies scholar Darwin J. Absari discusses the concept of PagTuhan, the spiritual tradition of the Tausug, one of the largest indigenous Muslim groups in Mindanao. It covers the background of Tausug as people, the development of PagTuhan before Islam arrived, its five aspects focusing on panghāti (understanding), and the relation of PagTuhan with Islamic theology. It also explains how PagTuhan shaped the lives of the Tausug people, how it remains alive to this day, and how it can contribute to rediscovering the Filipino soul.

Darwin J. Absari is a historian, writer, and spiritual practitioner. He was previously a Lecturer and University Researcher II at the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman, where he also completed his Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS).


University of the Philippines Press, Philippines 
Publication Date:
Softcover / 8.97 x 5.94 inches / 287 pages / BW 
Language: English 
ISBN: 978-971-542-927-6