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Mindoro: Saving the Tamaraw

Mindoro: Saving the Tamaraw

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In line with the Save-the-Tamaraw Project of the Far Eastern University and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau, this book aims to raise awareness on the need for conservation and protection of the tamaraw and its habitat. The only endemic Philippine bovine, the tamaraw used to be found all over Mindoro but is now a critically endangered species due to human habitation, hunting and logging. This book edited by Jaime An Lim provides an overview of the rich ecosystem, biodiversity and culture of Mindoro and the community development strategies and conservation programs in place to protect the tamaraw. 

Far Eastern University, Philippines

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Hardcover / 9.25 x 10.25 inches / 91 pages / Color


ISBN: 971-678-034-5