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Manuel Ocampo: Heridas de la Lengua

Manuel Ocampo: Heridas de la Lengua

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One of the most important Filipino artists to have emerged from Los Angeles in the 1990s, Manuel Ocampo (b. 1965) updates the tradition of political allegorists like Gericault, Goya, and Daumier. His works incorporate high and low, academic and popular, sacred and secular images and texts creating charged canvases with a blatant disregard for stylistic and idiomatic consistency. This monograph edited by Pilar Perez includes essays by Chon Noriega and Kevin Power, and a conversation between Ocampo and Daniel J. Martinez.

Smart Art Press, USA

Publication Date:

Softcover / 11 x 10.5 inches / 80 pages / Color

English, Spanish

ISBN: 1889195103

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