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Iggy Rodriguez & Mike Adrao: Mano Mano

Iggy Rodriguez & Mike Adrao: Mano Mano

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A small catalog accompanying the two-man exhibition by Iggy Rodriguez and Mike Adrao entitled Mano Mano at Blanc Gallery in 2010. Featuring twenty works by both artists who "share a passion for drawing and its demands on technique and material," the exhibition "is an arena of pointed readings, of reality conveyed by two perspectives of critique– where one turns inward to escape chaos and ventures to look out; while the other can be said to be immersed in the same chaos and decides to close in on its interiority.  Both are political stances indicative of the artist’s recourse to utilize and make sense of discord." Includes an essay by Karen Ocampo Flores.

Blanc Gallery, Philippines

Publication Date:

Foldout / 8.80 x 7.85 inches / Color



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