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Mandirigma: Uniforms of The Filipino Fighting Man 1935-1945

Mandirigma: Uniforms of The Filipino Fighting Man 1935-1945

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Edited by World War II historian Dr. Ricardo T. Jose, Mandirigma: Uniforms of The Filipino Fighting Man 1935-1945 describes the various uniforms, equipment, and weapons Filipino soldiers and guerrillas used in World War II. Vividly illustrated using large studio photographs, the book contains seven chapters: Philippine Army, Philippine Constabulary, Philippine Scouts, Guerillas, Filipinos in US Service, Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Japanese and Collaborationist Forces, concluding with an index of reenactment photographs, standard field equipment, and badges.

The first book of its kind, Mandirigma is an excellent resource for history buffs, serious historians, scale modelers, reenactors, costume and production designers, and the general enthusiast.

Produced by The Philippine Living History Society in partnership with Philippine Veterans Bank led by Albert Labrador, Tony Feredo, Donn Fernandez, Dondi Limgenco, and Engineer Pedro Javier. 

JM Publishing House, Philippines

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Softcover / 11.81 x 8.26 inches / 151 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-621-96469-0-1