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Malang Drawings

Malang Drawings

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The accompanying publication of the same-titled exhibition held at The Art Center, SM Megamall in 2009, this book features hundreds of drawings by Mauro Malang Santos (b. 1928), commonly known as Malang. A prominent painter, cartoonist and illustrator, Malang began his career working for the Manila Chronicle as an apprentice of the cartoonist Liborio Gatbonton. He created the 'Kosme, the Cop, Retired', the country's first English-language daily comic strip, for the evening edition of the newspaper and founded Bughouse, a gallery specializing in cartoons. He is also the founder of West Gallery, one of the country's longest-running galleries.

"Women are his favorite subjects, and Malang’s are distinctive, be they vendors or Madonnas. Likewise his Philippine landscapes, where nipa huts and shanties take on a quality above squalor. His colors are generally bright and vivid, vibrant as the tropical sun, but there are monochromatic works as well, particularly his works in the mid-1990s, when they took on a more somber and abstract character."

West Gallery, Philippines

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Hardcover / 10.25 x 9.25 inches / 143 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-971-94333-0-9

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