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Linamnam: Eating One’s Way Around the Philippines (Second Edition)

Linamnam: Eating One’s Way Around the Philippines (Second Edition)

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This is a well-designed culinary guidebook for local and international travelers wanting to explore the Philippines. The only drawback? Since the book was published in 2011 (first edition) and 2014 (second edition), it would be wise to check online to verify if the information in the listing is still current. Otherwise, it is excellent!

"Word of mouth is the way one finds good places to eat around the Philippines; it is also the way one is warned about bad ones. Mary Ann and Claude provide a refreshing foil to the 'praise releases' that clutter newspapers and magazines. Checking out everything from fine dining restaurants aspiring for a Michelin star to hole-in-the-wall market-side karinderias, Mary Ann and Claude give us more than a food guide by sharing all the other experiences that accompanied their meals. Linamnam fills in the gap left by the pioneering Lasa by the late Doreen G. Fernandez and Ediberto Alegre. It should be on every foodie's bookshelf and hopefully on an iPad or cell phone too for easy reference out of town."


                                                                                     Ambeth Ocampo

Anvil Publishing Inc., Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 9 x 4.5 inches / 312 pages / Color


ISBN: 978-971-27-3021-4