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Legaspi Drawings

Legaspi Drawings

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"Legaspi Drawings: Padding around Asia, Europe and America with a ball point pen" is a collection of Cesar Legaspi's sketches made during his travels. A seasoned traveler, he said, "Everywhere I went, if I like the view, I'd pull out my pencil and sketchbook and draw. I love to draw. Drawing requires precision - but you shouldnt put down what you see only. You must have the ability to see something more in what you see when you see it."

Cesar Legaspi (1917-1994) is one of the major artists in the history of Modernism in the Philippines. He was part of the Thirteen Artists, a group led by Victorio Edades, and later became identified as one of the postwar Neo-Realists. He was proclaimed National Artist in 1990.

The Brix Gallery, Philippines

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Hardcover / 12.25 x 10.5 inches / 163 pages / BW


One copy only. Previously owned, good condition.

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