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Kultura Magazine Collector's Set (Orange)

Kultura Magazine Collector's Set (Orange)

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Kultura Magazine is a quarterly forum for artists, critics and the public, published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This set of 6 issues covers themes such as 'Filipincity and the Tagalog Komedya and Sinaculo'; 'The Study of Vernacular Architecture: Present Solutions to Our Housing Problems'; 'The Batangas Subli-Its Context of Music, Dance, Poetry, and Religion'; 'Macho Dancer-text vs Texture'; 'Cebu Press, Tagalog Novel, Hiligaynon Folk Literature; Philippine-Cuban Literary Relations'; and 'Philippine Literature's Others'.

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Publication Date:

Softcover / 11 x 8.5 inches / 6 issues / BW

Filipino, English

ISSN: 0116-7575