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Kalandrakas: Stories and Storytellers of/on Regions in Mindanao, 1946-1990

Kalandrakas: Stories and Storytellers of/on Regions in Mindanao, 1946-1990

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Edited by Ricardo de Ungria, Kalandrakas: Stories and Storytellers of/on Regions in Mindanao is a comprehensive anthology that compiles works on Mindanao from 1890-1990. Comprised of two volumes, Part 2 is from 1946-1990, featuring the modern and post-colonial literature.

Kalandrakas is Ricardo de Ungria’s fourth venture into anthologizing texts that map out the literary terrain and topography in the southern part of the Philippines. It follows Habagatanon: Conversations with Six Davao Writers (2015), Voices on the Waters: Conversation with Five Mindanao Writers (2018), and Songs Sprung from Native Soils: More Conversations with Eight Mindanao Writers (2019), which all feature writers and their veritable milieus in the shattered islands of Mindanao and Sulu. These anthologies undergird the cultural texts that are ever-present but have become absent in the consciousness of Philippine literature.

Ricardo M. de Ungria is a poet and editor who lives in Davao City. A recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, he finished his MFA in Creative Writing at the Washington University in St Louis. He is a founding member of the Philippine Literary Council and the Davao Writers Guild.

Ateneo de Manila University Press, Philippines

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Hardcover /10.25 x 7.25 inches / 1165 pages / BW


ISBN: 9786214481996

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