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A comprehensive album of the works of National Artist Jose T. Joya (1931 - 1995), one of the most important figures in Philippine abstract expressionism. Joya's paintings were described as "vigorous compositions" characterized by "dynamic spontaneity and quick gestures" typical of action painting. He experimented with a variety of techniques, including controlled drips, impasto strokes, and transparent layering. He often used bold colors inspired by the tropical landscapes of the Philippines. 

Joya was initially schooled in the classical tradition at the University of the Philippines, where he graduated in 1953. He later shifted to abstraction after his MFA studies at the Cranbrook School of Art in the United States in 1956. By the late 50s, he became established as part of the 'new wave' of Filipino abstractionists and received several awards from the annual competitions of the Philippine Art Gallery. In 1964, Joya, together with Napoleon Abueva, became the first Filipino artists to represent the country in the Venice Biennale. 

One copy only. Slightly worn edges, otherwise good condition.

Dick Baldovino Enterprises, Philippines

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Hardcover / 12.25 x 12.25 inches / Unpaged / Color


ISBN: 971-91612-1-3

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